Penetration Testing Softwares

Penetration Testing Softwares

To begin with, you’Il need software for your penetration testing. We recommend to use BackTrack, a penetration linux distribution which contains full of tools used in penetration testing.

In addition, learn how to use virtualization softwares such as VMWare which you could use to set up a penetration testing lab where you could test and apply the penetration testing skills that you have learned.

There are useful source of penetration testing softwares and tools that are readily available for Linux distributions, and which various people have made freely available to be downloaded and used.

penetration testing softwares

Download BlackBuntu here.
Download BackTrack here.

An example of this is the BackTrack and Blackbuntu penetration testing softwares distributions that are pre-installed and loaded with useful assessment and attack tools. BackTrack, which has a solid set of penetration tools is freely available for beginners as well as experts in the field of penetration testing and computer security. The latest version of the BackTrack penetration testing distribution is a DVD ISO image (which is very suitable for burning to a DVD) or a VMware image. BackTrack is one of the best penetration testing distribution because of its extensive set of tools, compatibility with a wide range of hardware, and properly designed organization and layout.

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