Penetration Testing Framework

Penetration Testing Framework

The Penetration Testing Framework by Toggmeister and Lee Lawson is one of the best free penetration testing methodologies. Penetration Testing Framework gives a step-by-step walkthrough of different aspects of a network penetration test, such as usage of special tools, including links for each of the penetration testing tool) and the commands that are used in each of the tool.
Penetration Testing Framework walks its viewer through several methods, step by step guide, covering reconnaissance, scanning, social engineering, exploitation, enumeration of target systems, and more.

Download Penetration Testing Framework 0.58 here. 
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A number of sections in the Penetration Testing Framework focus on specific technology, such as Voice over IP (VoIP), AS/400 machines security, wireless LAN (WLAN) assessments, and Bluetooth security analysis. Penetration Testing Framework also has a section on analyzing Cisco routers and similar devices.

Penetration Testing Framework Summary:
– Written by Toggmeister and Lee Lawson
– Heavily focused on network penetration tests
– Detailed, with specific tools and commands for penetration testing
– Step by step guide and links for tools
– Includes Reconnaisance, Scanning, Probing, Social Engineering, Enumeration, Exploitation and many more.
– Includes sections on VoIP, AS/400, WLAN, Bluetooth and Cisco

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