Inroduction to BackTrack Linux

Inroduction to BackTrack Linux

Computer security community, is a very active group and several organizations worked so hard in order to create various security-specific Linux distributions. A distribution, or “distro”, is basically a type, brand or flavor of Linux. And among the most well known of these penetration testing distributions is one called “Backtrack.”

Backtrack is a penetration testing Linux distribution which is your one-stop shop for learning penetration testing. Backtrack Linux is designed with the pupose of using it in penetration testing. The BackTrack Linux distribution is built for penetration testers and computer security enthusiasts.

BackTrack Linux

BackTrack comes preloaded with hundreds of security tools that are installed, configured, and ready to be used. The most Best part is that Backtrack is free!

Download BackTrack here.

The most latest version as of now is BackTrack 5 R1 and you can get your copy here.

Inroduction to BackTrack Linux

You can choose to either download the BackTrack ISO file or the BackTrack VMWare image file. If you had chosen to download the BackTrack ISO file, then you will need to burn the .iso to a DVD.

How to use BackTrack ISO file?

  • Burn the BackTrack ISO file into a DVD.
  • Change the boot order in the BIOS so that the optical drive has the highest boot priority.
  • Put the BackTrack DVD into the drive and restarting the machine.

How to use BackTrack VMware image?

  • Download a virtualization software that could run virtual machines. You can use VMware’s VMware Player, Sun Microsystem’s VirtualBox, or Microsoft’s Virtual PC.
  • Install the virtualization softwre and open the BackTrack VMware image.
  • Alternatively, you can also use the BackTrack ISO file and create a new virtual machine out of that.

The major advantage of using Backtrack is that the penetration testing tools are preloaded for you.

You choose to use a different version of Linux, but you will need to install the penetration tools. Alternatively, you can use another penetration testing Linux distribution, called Blackbuntu.

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