Free Tools and Exploits for Penetration Testing

Free Tools and Exploits for Penetration Testing

Although presently there are numerous exploit and attack tool repositories in the lnternet, some of the most comprehensive records that are updated on a regular basis include “The Exploit Database”, Inj3ct0r, and Packetstorm Security, which could be used for penetration testing. A number of other sites come and go on a normal basis, but all these sites are long-standing and seem to have relatively higher quality tools.
The Exploit Database (exploit-db for short) is maintained by the same group that maintains the BackTrack Linux distribution focused on penetration testing. Their own site contains well over 10, 000 exploits, and sorts them into helpful categories such as Local Exploits, Remote Exploits, Web Applications, Shellcode, Denial of Service / Proof of Concept, and others. For every exploit in these categories, they list the platform (Windows, Linux, PHP, etc. ) as well as the exploit’s author.
lnj3ct0r categorized its exploits by different operating systems (varying from AIX to Windows, with almost everything in between). Additionally, they are ordered chronologically, based on the release date of the exploit code. Another page at Inj3ct0r sorts exploits down into local versus remote exploits, which both are useful for penetration testing.


The Security Focus BID site additionally has information and facts about various vulnerabilities along with exploits for some of them, which are available at www. securityfocus. com/bid. The older Security Focus news site was shut down, but the very useful BID search is still available.

Also, the SEBUG website has hundreds of categories of vulnerabilities, which includes exploit code for many different issues that they record and list. Packetstorm Security has an repository of attack and defense resources that spans over a decade. Which contains assortment of useful tools, exploits, and security research papers. Some of these sites have been quite controversial, so you need to be careful with any code that you will be downloading from the said sites.

The metioned site are most useful for people that are working as a penetration tester, or wanted to learn more about penetration testing.

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